Tarpaulin and its Common Uses

Tarpaulin and its Common Uses

What are tarpaulins?

When it comes to tarpaulins, people generally believe they are only used for covering objects and gaining shelter. But they are very versatile in nature. Tarpaulin sheets are mostly made up of canvas or polyester. They are durable, strong and water resistant, which makes them a perfect fit for various industries. Depending on their durability, they can be used for temporary shelters, construction, transportation, and agriculture.

Depending on their sizes and material, tarpaulins have various types, including PVC tarpaulins, cotton canvas tarpaulins, cross-laminated tarpaulins, etc. They are mainly used on outdoor surfaces to gain protection from the effect of weather, and other external factors, including UV rays, water damage, chemical spills, tears, puncture holes, etc.

Let’s look at some common uses of tarpaulin:

  1. Temporary Shelters

    Temporary shelters are erected to provide protection to things and people against any natural disasters or irregularities. And tarpaulins are the best temporary shelter solutions. These shelters provide comfort and safety to people during unforeseen situations, while they can also be used at many industrial sites to protect raw materials or finished products.

  2. Construction

    Tarpaulins are commonly seen on construction sites where protection is required against natural elements like moisture, heat, water, etc. They are used during construction or once the construction is completed to protect the partially built or damaged structures. They can also be used to prevent mess during painting and other similar activities and also to contain and collect debris.

  3. Transportation

    Whenever goods or materials need to be transported from one place to another, one primary concern is their protection during transportation. And tarpaulins are a classic choice in this case. Due to their low weight, durability, high tensile strength, tear resistance and flexibility, they can provide perfect protection against wind, rain, and other weather conditions. They can also be used while transporting dangerous goods that are easily flammable or must comply with a particular technical requirement. The only catch is to find the right kind of tarpaulin for this purpose.

  4. Agriculture

    In India, where agriculture is the primary occupation, getting the right protection for raw and finished agricultural goods is essential. Also, due to the extremely uncertain weather conditions in the country, getting the proper protection becomes inevitable. Given their durable nature, tarpaulins can be used to protect crops, hay, straw, and farm machinery from extreme weather conditions and other natural elements.

  5. Livestock

    In India, dairy, poultry and other businesses related to livestock are booming. But this also requires protecting the domesticated animals against extreme weather conditions and keeping them safe and comfortable. And tarpaulins can be the best option to erect temporary shelters for these animals as per the requirements.

  6. Sports

    Tarpaulins can be of great use in various sports activities. Especially in activities like swimming, badminton, tennis, camping, etc., tarpaulins are most commonly used.

Final thoughts:

As important as it is to get protection from any weather or natural conditions, it is equally important to buy the right tarpaulin. While buying the tarpaulin, its quality, durability, material, cost, and applications should be taken into consideration. You also need to ensure that you buy tarpaulins from high-quality manufacturers who will take care of your needs and provide customised solutions depending on your requirements.

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