How To Select The Perfect Roof-Tarp?

How To Select The Perfect Roof-Tarp?

When it comes to selecting the best roof tarps, you can find many options available in the market. So, while making a purchase, the most important thing to consider is choosing a high-quality roof tarp that’s cost-efficient and helps save time and effort. Roof tarps are life-savers when it comes to temporary and permanent roofing. They are also considered an alternative to traditional roofs as they are multi-purpose and can be used as a ground cover, shade canopy, or even as decoration.

A roof tarp protects your property from storms, floods, or other natural calamities. In this blog, we have compiled a checklist to guide you in choosing the best roof tarp for your property.

  1. Tarp Type

    Choosing the right tarp can be overwhelming with the sheer number of tarp types available in the market. And to get the most out of your purchase, is essential to choose the right type of tarpaulin that meets all your requirements.

    Here are the most common types of tarpaulins:

    1. Poly Tarp

      This is the most widely-used type of tarp. It is made from heavy-duty plastic and has several applications. It is commonly used as a tent cover during camping, home construction to protect perishable items against rains, and as a temporary roof cover or shelter.

    2. Canvas Tarp

      Canvas tarp is manufactured from high-quality, durable woven fabric. It is slightly more expensive than other types of tarp and is the preferred type of tarpaulin for construction projects. Canvas tarps are also flame resistant, making them safer for home projects.

    3. Vinyl Tarp

      Vinyl tarps are fabricated from ethylene molecules and have a higher strength quotient than poly tarps. They are also used as an alternative to roof covers.

    4. PVC Tarp

      PVC tarp is most commonly used in industrial applications. It is manufactured from high tenacity polyester yarn with a unique PVC formulation that gives the tarp its waterproof properties. In addition to being incredibly durable, they are also flame retardant, flex resistant and abrasion resistant. They have a variety of applications and can be used as awnings for balconies, tents, pagodas, parks, and public places apart from industrial applications.

  2. Waterproof

    When choosing a tarp, it is important to consider its resistance to natural calamities. You must take into account the weight of the tarp. Lighter tarps cannot protect your goods in heavy storms. For robust protection against natural elements, you need higher-density tarps.

  3. Size

    You must first research the area that must be sheltered and get a tarp a little larger than that to provide adequate shelter to your property. Tarps are designed according to customer requirements and also come in several sizes, making it easier to purchase one that suits your requirements.

  4. Mildew proof

    It is essential to pick a water-resistant tarp in a roofing structure to avoid mould. Heavy-duty tarps provide higher safety against the formation of mold than lightweight tarps.

  5. Ease of use

    All tarps usually come with inlets that enable you to easily install the tarp over your property or cover it around perishable items..

  6. Rust-resistant

    Make sure that the inlets used to attach the tarp are rust-resistant. Otherwise, they might put the roofing structure at risk. While purchasing a tarp, make sure that the inlets are rust-resistant.

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