Custom Fabricated Grommet Tarps to Protect Glass Fins

Custom Fabricated Grommet Tarp Protects Glass


With the recent rise in construction costs, protective tarpaulins for the glass industry are a smart investment. The problem is that the typical tarp does not have enough coverage to protect your glass fin from damage. Fortunately, we’ve designed custom-fabricated grommet tarps that cover more of your glass fin than ever! These tarps provide better protection for your glass fin and help prevent cracks, chips and breaks due to weather conditions during transport.

Glass fins can be costly to replace

Glass fins are often the most costly part of a metal roof. Not only do they add value to your home, but they protect it from the elements as well. Yet despite their importance, glass fins can be damaged during transport or storage by wind and snow, birds and ice storms, hail storms and even cats!

A single intense storm can cause damage to even the best-built roofs if left unprotected. While metal roofs are relatively immune against damage caused by rain or melting snow accumulation on top of them (though not entirely), glass fin protection is still needed because the sides are exposed in many areas where other roofing materials would cover them up all year round.

Problems: Cracks, Chips and Breaks

Glass fins are very fragile and can break easily. The glass fins are very expensive to replace and repair. Glass fins are difficult to transport, store and repair. The cost of replacing a broken glass fin can be prohibitive.

Protects all types of damage during transport and storage

Grommet tarpaulins are a smart solution to protect glass fins during transport and storage. A grommet tarp is a custom-fabricated to the exact dimensions needed for your application. They are designed with a hem around all four sides and welting in all corners for added strength and durability. Grommets can be placed anywhere along the edges of your tarp so that it fits snugly against the glass fins or wherever else you need them to be secured.

Tarps to protect glass

The custom-fabricated grommet tarpaulins are finished with welting, hems and grommets so they can be secured to the glass fins and safely transported. Welting is a decorative seam that gives a tarp an elegant appearance and can be used in many applications. The welting on each of our custom grommet tarps runs down both sides of the tarp. This can be used to secure the ends if needed or simply as an aesthetic enhancement.

Grommets allow you to easily attach your tarp to posts or other structures without having to sew holes into it (which would weaken its overall strength). Our grommet tarps feature three rows of machine-welded steel Dacron webbing sewn into every four feet of material – giving these tarps excellent strength! Each row has around 100 stitches per inch, making them very durable indeed! Hems are folded edges along one side seam, which prevent fraying when cut. They also help hide any imperfections such as stitching errors, which could otherwise show up after multiple uses.


Tarpaulins for glass fins have become a critical part of the glass industry. They offer complete protection against harsh weather conditions and damages. While these protective shields are important, purchasing them from a trusted supplier is equally essential.

Shah Shivji Valji & Co. has been providing tarpaulin covers for glass fins. Our HDPE, LDPE, and geomembrane solutions are tailor-made for glass fins and other materials in the glass industry. Learn more about our temporary storage solutions and services here.

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