Why are Storage Sheds Needed for the Cement Industry?

Why are Storage Sheds Needed for the Cement Industry?

The cement industry is one of the largest industries in the world, with an upward growth trajectory. With the rapid infrastructural development in the country and constant technological advancements, the cement industry is booming at a never-before pace.

The industry also has applications in almost all sectors, making it vital for the economy. But the nature of the product makes it extremely vulnerable to a range of natural and human-induced factors. In this article, we will look at some of the most important reasons why storage sheds are needed for the cement industry. Let’s delve right into it!

Aspects impacting the cement industry

The cement industry can be impacted by natural elements such as extreme weather conditions, calamities, winds, tides, etc. It might also be impacted by human-induced factors like pollution, vandalism, theft, etc. Moreover, for producing cement, you need a lot of storage space for raw materials, including limestone and clay.

Here’s a list of aspects impacting the cement industry:

  • Extreme weather conditions (rain, snow, sun etc.)
  • Air pollution (carbon monoxide emissions)
  • Political unrest (terrorism, political turmoil)
  • Natural disasters (earthquakes, floods etc.)
  • Chemical pollution (acid rain)
  • Security issues (stolen goods)
  • Maintenance and repair of equipment
  • Temperature fluctuations (hot, cold etc.)
  • Protection from the elements is essential for the cement industry.

Why are storage sheds needed for the cement industry?

Primarily, storage sheds are needed in the cement industry for the following reasons:

  • All-weather protection
  • Protection against pollutants
  • To maintain product quality
  • To prevent damage during storage

Storage of raw materials:

Storage sheds are used to protect the cement from extreme weather elements. Cement is often produced and stored in large quantities. Its production requires a lot of raw materials like sand, limestone, clay and other minerals. Given the rising demand for cement, businesses have to source these raw materials in large quantities. But these materials aren’t used all at once. They are required at different stages in the cement manufacturing process. For storing these raw materials and keeping them safe, businesses require storage sheds.

Storage of cement:

Once the cement is produced, the entire bulk won’t necessarily be sold out at once. In such cases, businesses need a storage facility to keep the finished product, in this case, cement bags, safe. The cement must be protected from natural elements. Exposure to rain or sunlight may cause it to lose its quality over time. Storage sheds keep everything under cover so that the cement quality doesn’t deteriorate.

During transportation:

Storage facilities are also essential while transporting raw materials and cement from the market to the plant or vice-versa. These materials can be subjected to rain or other extreme weather conditions during transportation. But a storage sheet will help shield these materials and keep them safe.

Off-season storage:

Temporary storage sheds can be used to protect and store the cement during the off seasons too. The construction industry slows down during monsoons. And with it, the demand for cement also decreases. In such cases, businesses can store their surplus products safely till the construction industry gets back on track.

Benefits of storage sheds in the cement industry:

The benefits of temporary shed structures are numerous. We have listed the most important ones below:

  • They are cost effective
  • Easily customised as per client requirements
  • An ideal choice for small businesses looking to expand their operations or venture into new markets
  • Easy to dismantle and move as required
  • Easy to install
  • Time-saving as they can be quickly set up and taken down


Storage sheds can be built on a site or off-site, depending on the nature of the facility. The use of temporary storage sheds is an efficient way to store materials needed for operations in an area where no permanent storage is available. Shah Shivji Valji and Co is India’s leading supplier, exporter and manufacturer of all kinds of tarpaulins and other storage protection products. We are known for providing the highest quality temporary storage protection solutions.

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