Geomembranes for the Oil and Gas Industry

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Geomembranes are synthetic polymer sheets used to protect soil and groundwater from contamination by oil and other hydrocarbons. They are the main component of composite liners for landfills, waste ponds and containment systems for hazardous or toxic liquids.

Geomembranes are used in many industries such as agriculture, aquaculture, construction and architecture, environmental, industrial and landfill. But they are extensively used in the oil and gas industry. In the oil & gas industry, geomembrane liners prevent the release of contaminated waters into the environment during construction activities. Moreover, they are used in storage tanks, pipelines and roads, waste management, and to prevent environmental containment.

What are geomembranes?

Geomembranes are extensive impermeable membranes made of multilayer HDPE-laminated fabrics used to stabilise the earth and secure landfills. They are made from impermeable geosynthetic material and consist of thin, continuous sheets of polymers. A few geomembranes are manufactured by combining geotextiles with asphalt, elastomer or polymers, and multilayered bitumen geocomposites.

Geomembrane sheet uses include:

  • As liners for water reserves
  • As liners for waste liquids
  • As liners for the agricultural industry
  • As liners for fish/shrimp ponds

Apart from that, there are several different geomembrane uses in the oil and gas industry; they are frequently used as a containment barrier for irrigation and potable water storage requirements to stop leaks.

By forming an impenetrable barrier, geomembrane sheets stop pollutants or hazardous compounds from leaking into the environment. It also solves problems related to soil reinforcement, erosion control, and soil containment.

What are the advantages of geomembrane?

Geomembranes have many advantages over other materials in the oil and gas industry. The durability of the geomembrane makes it ideal as a liner for ponds, tanks, or any other containment system. At the same time, its flexibility allows it to be wrapped around complex shapes such as storage tanks or pipelines. Additionally, geomembrane liners have low permeability, so they can prevent spills from escaping into the environment.

The most common geomembrane property is strength, which is often measured in terms of tensile strength and tear resistance. Geomembrane manufacturers have made significant advances in membrane materials used for PPE to ensure that they will remain intact despite punctures or tears from rocks, equipment, or other hazards associated with oilfield operations.

Geomembrane applications in the oil and gas industry

Geomembranes are often used as liners in landfills, but they also act as barriers to protect against seepage of industrial fluids, including crude oil and natural gas. In some cases, geomembrane linings may be required by law or regulation. Different states and countries may have different regulations depending on the type of substance being stored or buried as well as local environmental concerns. A geomembrane liner is a critical component of any structure intended for long-term use because it protects from potentially toxic substances that might leak into soil or water sources below ground level over time.

A key component of an effective oil and gas geomembrane system is the presence of low permeability. This prevents fluid seepage, which can lead to environmental pollution and other issues. Low permeability also prevents gases from passing through the geomembrane and into groundwater or soil, keeping contamination out of groundwater systems.


Geomembrane liners of the finest quality are essential for oil and gas projects. Your operational excellence depends on picking the right membrane type that is affordable, meets your needs, and conforms with environmental norms.

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