Client Success Story: SSVCO helped a leading cement manufacturer with reliable storage solutions within tight deadlines

SSVCO Helped Cement Manufacturer with Reliable Storage Solutions

The challenge:

A leading cement producer based in South India had a planned shutdown for maintenance activities. In order to conduct scheduled maintenance, they had to relocate approximately 2 lakh square feet of bulk materials from the plant for 6 months. The client’s other storage facilities were operating near full capacity, and relocating the bulk materials was a significant challenge. The client approached us to find a storage solution within 8 weeks so that the plant maintenance could commence without delay.

SSVCO’s solution:

SSVCO’s solution

Following a comprehensive analysis of the client’s technical needs and a survey of on-site conditions, our experts recommended a hybrid approach. Our hybrid approach combined 2 services

  1. MS Wide Span Shed
  2. Raw Material Covering

After the plans for the hybrid approach were finalised, the materials required for the raw material covering were deployed on-site immediately with our experts. Our goal was to cover and protect almost 1.5 lakh square feet of material stored in the open until the MS Wide Span shed could be fabricated in our manufacturing facility and installed on-site.

MS Wide Span Shed Features

MS Wide Span Shed Features
  • Customised according to requirements and pre-fabricated off-site within 6 weeks.
  • Assembled on-site within 2 weeks.
  • Relocatable and scaleable for future expansions
  • Columnless storage that allows heavy vehicle movement (poclain, dumpers, excavators, etc.)
  • Timely-delivered, cost-effective storage with minimum civil requirements.

Raw Material Covering Features

Raw Material Covering Features
  • Offers protection to goods and materials in vast areas
  • Designed to preserve the quality of materials stored inside
  • Customised according to arrangement and types of materials
  • Permits vehicular movement (payloaders, tippers, forklifts)

The business benefit

The business benefit

The client could safely store more than 2 lakh sq ft of bulk material within strict deadlines of 8 weeks. The hybrid approach to storage contributed to the cost-effectiveness of our solution. Using a single shed to store the quantum of 2 lakh sq ft would have been costlier, as well as time-consuming, thus defeating the entire purpose of a quick and reliable storage solution. By using the MS shed and raw material coverings in combination, the client eliminated the CAPEX incurred by constructing a permanent shed.

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