How to prepare for bulk sugar storage during record-breaking sugar production

Bulk sugar storage preparation for huge sugar production

India’s top sugar production state, Maharashtra, is set for record-breaking sugar production as sugar farmers have increased the crop cultivation area for the year 22-23, per an announcement from the state government. A total of 13.8 million tons of sugar are expected to be produced this year, compared to 13.7 million tons last year.

With the sugar production in Maharashtra being popular for export, government officials will soon greenlight the export of sugar to stop domestic sugar prices from lowering too much. This creates a lucrative opportunity for sugar traders to multiply their profits.

To prevent surplus stock from going to waste as well as to take advantage of export sanctions, sugar must be stored correctly. If improperly stored, sugar can perish due to the following reasons:

  1. Caramelisation due to heat

    Sugar needs to be stored in a cool, dark place away from heat to avoid caramelisation due to heat. Caramelisation is the process which causes lumping in the stored sugar. Clumped sugar causes operational inefficiencies like handling issues and transportation issues.

  2. Pest infestation

    Sugar stored in bulk attracts pests. If stored improperly, stored sugar may be at risk of pest infestations that can render the sugar as non-export quality. Proper storage is essential to keep it pest-free.

  3. Odour

    Sugar catches the odour of foodstuffs stored in its vicinity. It is essential to keep sugar in airtight storage to prevent it from getting a foul odour. Sugar with a foul odour needs to be thrown away for quality purposes and is rendered as non-export quality.

    As India’s leading temporary storage and protection solution provider, you can get end-to-end sugar storage protection from SSVCO. All our materials are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, in-house manufacturing facility and are available at competitive prices.

The following are our ISI-certified high-quality products and services which allow safe and long-term sugar storage:

  1. HDPE/LDPE tarpaulins

    Strong and durable tarpaulin made from high-density or low-density polyethylene sheets.These waterproof sheets protect stored sugar against exposure to heat or water.

  2. BIS-certified PP bags

    BIS certification is a third-party seal of the storage bag’s quality, safety, and reliability. BIS-certified high-density polypropylene bags are preferred for long-term sugar storage or sugar handling due to their high carrying capacity, material strength, UV stability.

  3. HDPE tents

    High-density polyethylene tents protect sugar against pests and weather elements and can be erected quickly.

  4. Storage sheds

    Technically sound storage sheds for the sugar industry provide a perfect long-term sugar storage environment. Sugar stored in storage sheds is unaffected by ecological conditions. Storage sheds for sugar also prevent sugar from getting a foul odour.

  5. Bagasse covering

    Bagasse is the leftover material remaining after crushing sugarcane sticks for juice. Bagasse is used as fuel for producing heat, energy and electricity. Protection against moisture levels is essential during bagasse storage, as exposure to moisture dampens its ability to produce heat.


Reliable sugar storage solutions ensure that stored sugar remains in an export-quality condition. Shah Shivji Valji and Co. has 110+ years of industry experience providing storage solutions across multiple industries. We have assisted several sugar companies in Maharashtra and across India with safe and long-term sugar storage in the sugar industry. Contact us if you need cost-effective, reliable, and technically sound storage solutions for sugar storage. We are the leading industrial shed manufacturers and packing solution providers.

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