6 Industrial Applications of Tarpaulin

6 Industrial Applications of Tarpaulin

Tarpaulins, also called tarps, are multi-purpose, flexible sheets. There are several benefits of using tarpaulin as they have versatile properties according to their make and are used in various industrial applications. Tarps are commonly found in the creation of tents and canopies. Its fiber content makes it an ideal lightweight material for packaging and manufacturing, while other industries like architecture, construction, and transportation can make full use of it as a building material.

The uses of tarpaulins in various industries are:

  1. Transportation

    Tarpaulins are used to protect valuable goods, raw materials, end-products, and machinery during transit. As cargo vehicles require different tarp sizes, water-proof tarpaulins are manufactured according to size requirements. Tarps are used for protecting materials stored in trains, trucks, etc.

  2. Construction

    Tarps are used to protect under-construction building projects from the natural elements. They protect the perishable materials stored in the under-construction project, like bags of cement. Tarps also guard the workers against excessive sunlight and rain.

    Sometimes, tarps are also used to protect homes against water damage in severe rainfall and thunderstorms. They can be placed on the roofs of houses with small leakages to prevent water from seeping inside the house.

  3. Temporary shelters

    Tarpaulin is used to provide easily-made, comfortable and dry emergency shelters to families or individuals until other arrangements can be made.

  4. Refugee camps

    Tarps can be easily folded for transportation, are waterproof and can be used for making shelters. In tourism, tarpaulins are commonly used to make tents for people embarking on long hiking journeys and camping sites.

  5. Agriculture

    There are several benefits of tarpaulin covers in agriculture. Both small-scale and large-scale farmers use greenhouses to enhance their agriculture businesses because they regulate the growth of plants and increase production.

  6. Sports

    Tarps used as a guard against rain for sports grounds are known as field tarps. These tarps are designed according to requirements and generally cover the entirety of the sports ground.


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