Properties & Applications of Geomembranes

Properties & Applications of Geomembranes

Geomembranes are impermeable membranes that prevent fluid migration and enhance terrain stability in human projects, systems, or structures. They are made from impermeable geosynthetic material and consist of thin, continuous sheets of polymers. Environmental, geotechnical, hydraulic, transportation, and private development applications use geomembrane.

Geomembrane liners prevent pollutants or hazardous compounds from leaking into the environment by forming an impenetrable barrier. In mining, sewage treatment, and canal building projects, geomembranes are combined with other geosynthetic materials to regulate fluid flow and for safe containment. Geotechnical engineering and other industrial clients can use them in a myriad of ways.

Geomembrane properties

The properties of the geomembrane that allow it to be used across several industries are a combination of its physical, mechanical and endurance properties, such as thickness, melt flow index, tensile strength, tear resistance, chemical resistance, thermal behaviour, etc.

Geomembrane applications

  1. Geomembrane for pond liner

    Most wastewater treatment plants install geomembrane liners to prevent contaminants from entering the ground and polluting the groundwater. Pond liners also prevent water loss in reservoirs due to seepage. They are also used in applications such as amusement parks, agriculture, aquaculture, golf courses, etc., to prevent water seepage.

  2. Geomembrane for mining

    The geomembrane liner is a barrier to separation and the most important component in the heap leaching process for mining low-grade ores. Geomembranes prevent soil and groundwater contamination by chemical solutions used for low-cost extraction of low-grade ore.

  3. Geomembrane for secondary containment

    The secondary containment area is a crucial area of protection in the event of a chemical spill. From small tanks to tank farms, geomembrane linings are used to prevent secondary containment. Due to their outstanding chemical resistance, they are also used as spill protection in chemical storage tanks.

    Knowing the types of chemicals you are dealing with is important before selecting a geomembrane liner to prevent secondary containment. Here, it is essential to study the geomembrane’s mechanical and chemical properties to choose one that fulfils all requirements.

  4. Geomembrane for canal liners

    Geomembranes are used to control the seepage of water from canals. All geomembranes are generally water-proof materials. You can purchase a geomembrane for canal lining after thoroughly researching the cost, expected seepage, durability and other requirements.

  5. Geomembrane for oil & gas containment

    HDPE (high-density polyethylene) has the properties of strong UV/ temperature resistance, durability, and high chemical resistance. Strong chemical resistance properties enable HDPE geomembranes to be the first choice to protect against soil and water contamination around oil and gas refineries, extraction sites, etc. HDPE geomembranes also have a low manufacturing cost and keep the operational budgets within limits.

  6. Geomembranes for caps and closures

    Geomembranes are also used for landfill caps to prevent fluid flow into the landfill, which generates waste liquid after filling the landfill. Geomembrane caps are designed to trap the gases formed during the decomposition of landfill waste effectively.

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Whether working on an environmental project, a construction site, a mining project, or an oil project, you need high-quality geomembrane liners. A cost-effective geomembrane that complies with environmental norms and fulfils your project requirements is the cornerstone of a successful project.

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