5 Benefits Of Using Temporary Storage Sheds At A Construction Site


Temporary sheds for construction sites are an excellent storage solution. Made using conventional bamboo and wooden pole structures, they can be erected in no time to meet immediate storage requirements. They can provide your workers a place to easily store and access construction materials while on the job site and keep these materials safe from weather damage or theft. Their low cost and ease of installation, maintenance and mobility make them a reliable investment for both short-term and long-term projects.

Here are 5 reasons to opt for temporary storage sheds at your construction site:

1. Ease of Installation & Mobility

The most obvious benefit of using temporary storage sheds is that they do not have a permanent foundation. Erected using bamboo and wooden poles, it is quick and simple to install them on your construction site and even easier to relocate or disassemble. This makes them ideal for construction sites where there are tight deadlines or other restrictions on how long you have to work in a certain area. Just move the storage shed from one location to another when your current project is finished!

2. Low Cost & Maintenance

Temporary storage sheds are a cost-effective solution for storing equipment and supplies at a construction site. It is much more affordable than renting a large warehouse or building one. They are easy to maintain and can be used over and over again for multiple purposes—as a storage space, makeshift office, or even worker living quarters if needed!

3. Flexible Sizes

The size of the temporary storage shed you choose will depend on your storage needs. If you’re looking for something easy to move around, a shed that’s 20x10x8 metres is a great option. If you need more space for heavy equipment or tools, consider a larger structure like our temporary storage sheds that can go up to 45 metres wide, 10 metres high and 300 metres in length. We offer a large selection of sizes and shapes to fit every storage requirement.

We can also build custom-sized sheds if none of our existing models are suitable for your project’s needs.

4. Effective Protection & Safety

Although they are temporary buildings, these storage sheds offer reliable structural integrity with a double protection layer of HDPE tarpaulins and cross-laminated sheets. A temporary storage shed can safeguard a large number of construction materials and valuable machinery from damage caused by moisture, dust, rain, snow, and other ecological factors.

Another benefit of using temporary storage sheds is their ability to provide security. These structures can be locked up for access to only authorised personnel, thus preventing theft or vandalism of valuable equipment.

5. Space For Labour To Use

Temporary storage sheds can be used for more than just storing tools. They can also be a place for your employees to have lunch or take breaks in. For example, you could designate one of the temporary storage sheds as a break room and give your employees access codes so they can go inside whenever they need a break from working outside in the heat or rain. If you don’t want to spend money on building an actual break room, consider using one of these sheds instead!


Temporary storage sheds are easy, quick and affordable to set up and move, and can protect your construction materials while keeping them accessible.

We at Shah Shivji Valji & Co. provide highly durable temporary storage solutions that can be customised and installed quickly to meet your immediate storage requirements. With over 110 years of experience in storage solutions for the construction industry, we assure the highest quality, cost-effectiveness and timely delivery. To date, we have successfully delivered over 5 lakh sq. ft. installations with complete customer satisfaction. If you have any questions about our temporary storage sheds, please contact us today!

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