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The monsoon sheds are very useful for agricultural sector wherein one can store their Raw Material, Processing Units, Heavy & Expensive Machineries, Finished Goods & Packaged Goods, Goods in Transit, Material in various types of sheds & coverings. The following industries can avail the services of Temporary Monsoon Shed from Shivji Valji Group:

Shed for Agricultural Commodities
>> Sugar
>> Cotton
>> Soya Bean
>> Wheat
>> Rice &
>> Other Agricultural Products
Shed for Raw & Finished Goods for Manufacturing Companies
>> Cement
>> Fertilizers
>> Paper
>> Glass
>> Capital Goods
>> Retail Storage etc
Environmental Sheds
>> Chemical tank covers
>> Fuel tank covers
>> Nuclear decontamination storage
>> Potable water covers
>> Remediation buildings
>> Sewage covers
>> Splint Wash Tanks
Shed at your Construction Site
>> Covering Your Under-Construction Building
>> Storage of your Supplies
>> Part by part construction of site etc.
Bulk Storage of your Goods
>> Storage near factory
>> Storage at production site
>> Storage near by delivery destination
>> Storage to Protection from weather etc.
Wide Span Shed
>> For free movement of Vehicles
>> For Tanks & Storage Pits
>> Interruption free space
Emergency Relief Shelters
>> Earthquake Relief
>> Floods Affected Zones
>> Cyclone Hit Areas
Relocatable & Temporary Storage Shed required in & around Ports
>> Break Bulk Storage
>> Bulk Storage
>> Port Projects
HDPE Tarpaulins Covering for Transport & Bulk Handling Services
>> Covering goods while Transportation