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Formed by Shivji Valji Gala, Shivji Valji Group has been serving India since 1910. Our company was founded with a philosophy of offering superior service and integrity of product that will create long lasting customer relationships. We have maintained with customer needs and consistent quality our most paramount concerns.

Shivji Valji Group has a long history of delivering top quality and performance. Over 100 years old we have the wisdom that comes with experience. One hundred years young, we are constantly evolving to meet and anticipate our client’s changing needs.

We manufacture & supply waterproof HDPE/LDPE tarpaulins, provide temporary weather & monsoon sheds & tents all over India. We believe we are the most experienced company in India for erecting multipurpose temporary sheds. Shivji Valji Group prides itself in its reputation for reliability, quality, technical capability and service. 
Our Factory has the proper and most modern machinery & equipment, backed up by our many years of experience and training in the correct design and technique demanded by each job. Every order is custom designed and fabricated. 
Our clients comprise some of the most illustrious names in corporate circles. This is indicative of our commitment to quality, time schedules and overall service.   

Our clients tell us that our service and attention to detail make us more like a strategic partner than a vendor. We try never to say never and always do what it takes to meet your project needs and deadlines. The relationship with our customers is what has made us successful for over 100 years.

We're proud of the strong roots we've built in our community. But it's the personal interest each one of us has paid to the individual client that has set us apart from the rest. Each of us has our own diverse background that has given each client an instant comfort level. When you're trusting your image to a new company, it's nice to know they have your best interests at heart.